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The Media Company are actual business news publishers. We are the people to go to for any business in any country to get their news published.

Why bother with press release distribution services when our journalists are waiting for the story. ?

Press release distribution services merely send articles to writers, editors and databases: very few are actually published. Most journalists use them for research and the sources are seldom acknowledged.

How then do businesses get their news on web search and Google News ?

The answer is to bypass distribution services and send the article to our journalists. We provide a direct news service for all sorts of businesses, public relations firms, publicity agents and government organisations. We guarantee that legitimate business news is published the same day.

Forget press release distributors who boast of 1000's of email addresses... go direct to one business writer with access to Google News in minutes. Save money. Some press release businesses charge $100's of dollars with the suggestion that they can reach a publisher willing to run the story on Google News and put it on web search.

A very few business news services actually get the job done. To be sure, go direct to for same day $1.99 news publication. You write it - We publish it. !

For a little more, we will write and publish business news as often as required.


What do journalists use press releases for  ?

"78% use them for news stories, while 56% use wires for article and feature ideas and 56% for monitoring industry trends. "  Source

The solution !

Bypass the newswires..... go straight to publication at the stunning new press release rate of just $1.99   Guaranteed .... no login ....  Not a "reach the journalist service".... We are the journalists...   We are the publisher.... Fast same day service. We are based in Australia but with reporters in the USA and Europe we offer 24/7 publishing of business news worldwide.

From Sydney to Seattle. Google News in minutes. Just $1.99   Less than a cup of coffee.


These are great business distribution services. They all charge money to send out press releases to journalists. With you are already in touch with journalists.

To send press release these are some of the best. They will charge a lot more than $1.99 to just email a press release. They send out press releases for other to publish. We do the publishing ! Go direct !

Which newswires are the most valuable?

Newswire Today
PR Fire
Press Association
Press Dispensary

Wires have their place, but they're not the magic bullet that will get you media coverage. Some brands rely on them to help with their SEO. Some marketing departments at major companies use them simply because their distribution reports are necessary for reporting metrics up the line.

To get published today ( Business news if time sensitive ) pay $1.99 for guaranteed results. We are the place that you reach when you have done all the legwork.

First point of contact is Greg Rogers 0498 136 869 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - How to pay the $1.99